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About Us

Building Connections is a multi-disciplinary design studio located in Adelaide, South Australia.  A business like ours is rarely seen in the industry, we are a unique end-to-end in-house team which has the ability to offer our customers a seamless transition from the conceptual beginnings of every project through to the sub-division of property, building and interior design, joinery design, documentation, detailing, approvals processing, project management and of course those final touches of decoration and styling to complete your project.

Our focus is on developing innovative, strategic design solutions for our clients that enhance their environment and add value to their lives.  Our talented team of designers, draftsman, decorators and building consultants, specialize in domestic, residential and small-scale commercial projects. 

Our design philosophy is grounded by the idea that all great design comes from the inside out and that design is about connection.  At Building Connections we believe in the human connection to the built environment and believe that the spatial qualities of design are the  platform for meaningful, functional, and positive human experiences.  We focus on creating spaces that encourage an active partnership with its users.

​Our companies values form the foundation of our business and our collaborative approach to design has allowed us to develop second to none relationships with our clients, suppliers and trades.​

Innovation, Integrity and Trust

A spacious kitchen and dining table

Our Process


In our initial consultation we will spend time discussing your thoughts, what you would like to achieve and the best way to get you there.  This will include a discussion around your budget as this is an important part of the process.



​Our very first step is to analyse the Development potential of the site.  We will review your property alongside Council Legislation and provide you with a variety of development options for your site. 

We will consider the physical aspects of your site and identify any potential issues.


You will be provided with a preliminary concept outlining the setbacks required, Private open space requirements, site coverage possibilities, which can be taken to Council for preliminary discussions and feedback.

This Site Analysis Report forms a part of our due diligence and will assist with not falling into the traps that many developers do.


At this time we will provide you with an in depth ​design brief outlining what it is that you are looking to achieve and how we intend to provide this for you.  Our design brief is a detailed document that enables us as designers and you as our client to be on the same page.  It's a document that evolves and eventually becomes our final brief, which all future work will adhere to.


Once we have an understanding of your needs and have a complete design brief, your budget and the Councils requirements within your area we can then proceed to produce preliminary Planning Drawings.  

These drawings will make up the necessary documentation required to submit for Council Planning Approval.

These drawings include:

  • Site Plan

  • Landscape Plan

  • Floor Plans

  • Elevations

  • Streetscape

Typically the council will also require preliminary engineering and a Survey Contour Plan as a part of this initial Planning Approval.  We will liaise with all external consultants on your behalf and obtain a fast approval for you.



Once we receive Planning Approval from the Council we can proceed to detailed construction drawings.  These will need to be submitted to Council and to the Private Certifier for us to obtain Building Rules Consent.

These plans will typically include:

  • Site Plan

  • Landscape plan

  • Floor Plan

  • Elevations

  • Slab/Plumbing layouts

  • Electrical layouts

  • Wet area elevations

  • Sections 

  • Details


At this stage our role is to assist you in the selection of a builder and once this selection is made co-ordinate with the builder to ensure a smooth transition through the building process and to ensure that you as our client have an enjoyable building process.


Stage 1: Planning Approval

Stage 1 of the Approval process is to lodge an application for Planning Approval with your local Council. Council will require a set of drawings showing including a Site plan, Floor plan and Elevations. They will also require a preliminary Engineering plan which will show the storm water runs and a Survey of the existing Site.

Stage 2: Building Rules Consent

Once we receive Planning approval from the Council we are then required to get Building Approval.  This will involve submitting detailed Drawings and Full engineering to the Building consultant at your Council.

Alternatively a faster way is to submit these documents through our Private Certifier who's role is to review all the details and ensure the documentation meets the relent Building codes.  Once the Private Certifier issues Building Rules Consent, this is then forwarded to the Council to issue Full Development Approval.

Stage 3: Full Development Approval

Once full Development Approval is received you are ready to commence on site. This is the combination of Planning Approval, Building Rules Consent and Land Division Approval if required.

Planning Approval
Full Development Approval
Bulding Rules Consent
Council Approval Process
Meeting with Clients

Initial Consultation and Design Brief

Lets work together to create your dreams


Concept Drawings

Concept drawings are our way of communicating our vision to you.

Council Approvals

We take the headache out of the approvals process.

Judge's Table

Construction Drawings

Our building designer will detail all drawings ready for construction.

A constructor, a woman and a man looking at architectural plans

Building Tender

Selecting the right builder for your project is such an important part of the project.

A wood and white kitchen

Finishing Touches

Our interior designer can assist with all area's of interior selection, joinery design and finally styling your new home.

Our Quality Guarantee

Building Connections is a client focused design company based in Adelaide, South Australia.  We specialise in distinctive high-quality builds and provide our customers with a completely custom design experience.  Our projects are original, functional, and enjoyable.   ​

We offer a comprehensive service, ensuring that you are guided through the entire process and that your personal design intent is achieved.  We work on projects big and small and we will work to find solutions to space and budget constraints.

Building Connections will customise our approach to meet your needs.  We will consider the big picture, listen to your ideas, and keep your goals in mind throughout the entire process.

​Our projects range from small bathroom renovations to large extensions and new homes.  We also design commercial spaces, creating functional and stylish work areas of a unique quality.

​Transparency is our key!

At Building Connections, we are passionate about making beautiful spaces a reality.

High quality building design, interior design and property development is the essence of Building Connections.

Create your dream with us.
Tell us about your project today.

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